Sunset Experience Tour

*Please note the Sunset Experience has replaced the Twilight Tour.

Only available during South Australian Daylight Savings times.

The Seal Bay Sunset Experience Tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We guarantee it will become one of your treasured memories. This tour is a must for those who take their wildlife photography, and their sunsets, seriously.

Our guides have made studying the magnificent Australian sea lion their life’s work. This tour does not follow a standardised script. Instead your guide will be interpreting sea lion behaviour and what’s happening in the colony – at that very moment. They’ll make sure everyone is safe and keep you at an appropriate distance (no closer than 10 metres), making sure the sea lions do not feel threatened by human presence.

You’ll have up to two hours to walk among the Australian sea lion colony in the early evening. You’ll observe the sea lions – without the disturbance of any other tour groups – in peaceful tranquillity as the sun cloaks the beach with golden light.

South Australian sunsets are legendary. The cliffs and coastline glow with rich colour as the sun drops into the sea, and the sea lion colony settles down for the night. This is an exclusive tour, meaning your group (of no more than 12 people) will be the only ones on the beach for this once in a lifetime experience.

Tour Times:

Available every Monday (excludes Public Holiday), Wednesday and Friday subject to staff availability.
South Australia (SA) Day Light Savings Time (7th October 2018 – 14th December 2018 and 28th January 2019 - 1st April 2019): Tour starts at 5.00pm and will finish at 6.45pm.
SA Summer School Holiday Period (Sat 15th Dec 2018 – Sun 27th Jan 2019): Tour starts at 6.00pm and will finish at 7.45pm.

Tour conditions:

All new bookings require a minimum of 7 days notice. Please contact site for booking conditions

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To enquire or make a booking please contact Seal Bay.

Phone: (+61 8) 8553 4463